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October 19, 2014 betterworld, gamedev : a steep learning curve
A Unity rant.

Progress has been rather slow ...

I had lots of problems importing materials from Blender (1) into Unity (2) :

Dragonfly in Blender. Dragonfly imported into Unity : problems with materials & textures !

But in the end, I figured out that the easiest way to do this, is by UV-unwrapping everything in Blender. This is the result :

Dragonfly imported into Unity after uv-unwrap.

The other problems I had, have to do with animation (Unity Mecanim system) ...
I found many things 'missing' from the documentation. It is definitely not written for beginners ! As a consequence, you have to be very lucky to have things work right away.

An example : 'animation events'.

Animation events are functions that can be called at certain points in a clip (animation). To add an event, select a time point or frame and click the 'add event' button (orange border). Select the function you want to call ... And ... Done!
Adding an animation event to the time line.
Except ... The list with functions that I can call is empty ?!?

What the documentation does not seem to mention clearly, is that the script that contains the function that you are calling (the 'event') has to be attached to the same object as the animator component !

And these kinds of things are exactly why I'm still not a big fan of Unity ...
They make you waste so much time !