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Finding Fifi : RIP.

December 18, 2015 finding fifi, ue4, testing, testing, testing
'Finding Fifi' is done !

I did it ! 'Finding Fifi' is finally finished ! (Waaw. That's a lot of "f's".)

Well ... Sort of, that is.

I managed to create a release version for Windows (64-bit), but no web version (yet). This means that at least for now, you have to download the game if you want to try it out.
On the documentation pages of Unreal, you can read that the html5 pipeline is still 'experimental'. So, hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to put a web version online. Fingers crossed.

ladybug. Last week was not much fun.
The last weeks of finishing a game are usually quite stressful, but with this game ... Aaargh !
I've tested, and retested the game many, MANY times. But still I'm not confident that it is bug-free. I hate that !

For some reason, restarting the UE4 (4.8) editor often caused random variables to lose their value. Very annoying. And I have no idea why this is happening ... I also had a lot of trouble with layers (of all things). Sometimes (and for no apparent reason), layers that should logically be below other layers, were drawn on top. And worst of all : when I finally got it all working in the editor, the layers would be messed up again in the release version ?! Double aaargh !

But the good news is : I have a working version of the game (Windows 64bit only). Hopefully, a web version is on the way ... So. Enjoy the game, and if you find bugs ... please send me an email at 3.5Cats[AT]protonmail.ch. It will be very much appreciated !

Startscreen #1. Startscreen #2. Gamescreen #1. Gamescreen #2.
Gameplay from 'Finding Fifi'.

Edit (Dec '21) : I'm so sorry, but you can no longer try out 'Finding Fifi' on Itch or Newgrounds since it is -slowly- being ported to Godot. I suspect the game won't be ready until Christmas next year ...