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Finding Fifi : The Return 2.

Nov 25, 2021 finding fifi, porting to Godot
Let this be the last time ...

Note : Godot 3.4, Blender 2.83.

The very first edition of 'Finding Fifi' was released on Newgrounds almost 7 years ago.

The game was designed as a small resolution / limited assets 2d web game, following in the steps of such great (old school) developers as Takagi ('the crimson room') and Jan Albartus ('MOTAS').

'the crimson room' - Takagi. 'MOTAS' - Jan Albartus.
'The crimson room' and 'MOTAS'.
'Finding Fifi'.
'Finding Fifi'.

Sadly, the game is no longer playable in the latest browsers ... So, time for a much needed update !

Porting to Godot.

The plan was to (quickly) port the game from OpenFL to GDScript.
However, as usual, my plan hit a snag : the game's resolution (800x600) is too small for a stand-alone game.

This means I have to recreate all game textures ... or, release the game as a 3d game instead. Either way, more work than expected. That is, if I can find the original Blender files ... =)


Ok. I found a Blender file with the somewhat cryptic (and unlucky ?) name 'FF_13_275_S4.blend' in a folder named 'art'. I think I'll use that as my starting point.

After spending some time cleaning up the (messy) meshes and removing textures from materials, the meshes were deemed ready for export to Godot.
Since this game has a limited number of (simple) materials, I decided to export the scenes -with- materials (as opposed to creating all materials inside Godot).

And of course ... in game development nothing is ever easy.

Material export gone wrong.
All the materials are broken.

Luckily, I quickly figured out the problem : 'old school' Blender materials (not node-based).

So, let's just quickly convert the materials by pressing the 'use nodes' button in the material properties section in Blender ...

Convert 'old' Blender material.
Converting materials.

And ...

Result after conversion using Blender 2.83.
All the materials are ... white ???

OK. let's explore some other options then ...
1) Try different export types (fbx, etc) and settings (vertex colors etc) ... Nope.
2) Find an addon ('material utils') ...Nope. Outdated.
3) Final, desperate, attempt : download 2.80 and try the conversion there.

Result after conversion using Blender 2.80. Material export gone right.
Colors !

It seems my Blender version was broken ...

Many hours & other problems later, and now in Godot 3.4, the real work can finally begin.