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Finding Fifi : the port is finally done.

Oct 30, 2022 finding fifi, point&click, puzzle, port
Nothing is ever easy ...

Note : Godot 3.5, Blender 3.1.2.

'Finding Fifi' was originally released in 2015, as a small resolution 2D game.
While porting to Godot, I decided to recreate it as a 3D game. I anticipated that this would be quicker, since I could skip the rendering out step.
Was I wrong about that. =)

In theory, 3D should be quicker & more flexible than 2D. However, I stumbled upon many problems getting the game to work as I wanted it to work. This probably had to do with me not understanding how Godot works 'under the hood'.
The game was infested with Gremlins. Things would work correctly one day, and be completely broken the next day. A couple of days later, things would work again as before.
Maddening !

Exporting the game for Windows 10 was also a bit of 'an experience'. Lots of Godot peculiarities to discover !
Ideally, I would also like to port Finding Fifi to Linux. But since I have hardly any experience with Linux ... I wonder if I will manage. =)

As for where the game will be sold : probably Steam and Itch.
If I ever manage to set up everything correctly with Steam, that is. I expected this to be a painful experience, and unfortunately ... I was right.
Since this is a Christmas-themed game, I hope to make it available towards the end of next month.