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And so it begins.

May 18, 2014 reaching for the stars, the plan
On my decision to try out Unity ...

It has been too long since I last 'created' something. (Think : Flash8 / Actionscript2 ... Yes. That long !)

So. After reading lots of developer blogs, I have decided to give Unity a try. It seems like a nice engine, and most people seem to think it is rather 'intuitive'. We'll see, I guess, whether we like each other or not ...

OK. The game will be a simple "catch 'em if you can" type 2D game. I will use free art and sound, since my main purpose is to get to know Unity. If the game turns out to be (reasonably) fun to play, I will put it online as a free to play web game ...

After some 'deep' thinking, I have come up with this :

concept 'Reaching For The Stars'
Concept for 'Reaching For The Stars'.
  • The game will be developed at a resolution of 450x600 px. (so it can be uploaded to some of the more popular games websites).
  • There will be 3 scenes : a start scene with a menu, the game scene, and an end scene with high scores.
  • The player character will be a cat (I like cats), & he will be able to move left & right with the arrow keys.
  • Things will fall from the sky. Some things you should catch. Other things you shouldn't.
  • There will be a scoring system.
  • The game will end once all lives have been lost.
  • Afterthought : I will need to find some good tutorials ...

So. Let's get started !