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Rant Alert !

June 09, 2014 reaching for the stars, problems using Unity
Sigh. Working with Unity ...

It's not that I have never programmed before, but goodness, I find scripting in Unity to be so very painful ! Something that should take me 5 minutes to figure out, usually takes hours...

I start off by reading the API, and doing exactly as it says (at least, I think I'm doing exactly as it says).
That almost never works.

So, then I turn to 'My New Best Friend' (yes, Google) ... and after some time skimming through tutorials and Q&A, I usually find some code that I like and that looks like it might do the trick. And it usually does. But it looks nothing like what the API said I should do...

I have no idea what it is that I'm missing with the Unity (C#) API ... <sigh>