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SeaRose : a small update.

April 26, 2018 SeaRose, screenshots
Reaching out. Some progress.

Phone - by Freepik.

But first :
I've been worried about my continued lack of energy, so I finally phoned the autism helpline (Flanders : 078 152 252). The person I was talking to was very kind and understanding.

Even though the conversation made me feel sad, it also gave me some reassurance that things won't necessarily be the same in the future. So, all I can do for now, is accept what is, and slowly move forward.

From today on, I will try to love every little bit of game development I manage to do. I will also try to no longer get upset when I can't get anything done.
I know this is not an ideal situation, but at least -some- games will get made.
And 'a few games' is still better than 'no games at all' ...

Here is the itsy bitsy progress I've made on 'SeaRose' :

I think I'm sort of done with the first version of the creatures collection. I'll probably need to redraw some, or even add a couple of new ones. But all in all, that is the first hurdle taken.
Even though the 'art' is very simple, it took me a surprisingly long time to accomplish. As I said, I'm not an artist. =)

SeaRose creatures - very early version.
SeaRose creatures collection (wip).

I'm now working on scene composition.
I want to have five different scenes, and for each scene I would like to have three variations (= same creatures but different location). The variations are necessary for replayability of the game.
If I thought drawing was hard, well, I find composition to be even harder.

SeaRose - creating a scene.
SeaRose - a part of scene 1 (wip).

I also want to add some sort of twinkle water effect to the scene, but I still have no idea what that should look like.

I think this game will also need some music. I imagine something 'thin', magical, and zen (yes, very articulate description).
I wonder how one goes about finding someone that can do that sort of a thing (for money).