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Atelier Sentô & Wintermute Engine.

September 07, 2014 game dev
Atelier Sentô is creating a gorgeous game !

I read an article by Atelier Sentô, the other day.
For those of you unfamiliar with their work : you should go check it out. It is gorgeous !

'The Coral Cave' by AtelierSento.'

Atelier Sentô has (almost ?) finished their first 2D point&click adventure game. It is called 'The Coral Cave'. It features a little girl, Mizuka, living on an island near Okinawa.


The game is special, because of 2 reasons :

  • All art has been hand-painted (water colors) & scanned into a computer.
  • The game engine is the Wintermute Engine.

WME is a great (free) engine specifically created for 2D point&click games (third person POV). The engine is extremely easy to work with, scripting is simple, and the community is wonderful !

So. Go and check them out : Atelier Sentô & Wintermute Engine !