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January 27, 2015 game dev
Game engines & libraries.

I have used Unity3D on 2 very different web projects. The projects turned out ok, but ... I don't really enjoy working with Unity ... I just ... don't get it.
As a consequence, it takes me much longer than I think it should to create a game.

So. I have been on the lookout for other software that : (a) can produce stuff that can be played in a browser window, OR, (b) can handle mobile and standalone formats, (c) can handle 3D, and (d) is reasonably priced.

These are my candidates for now :

  • Unity3D
    The 'obvious' choice. Can handle all formats. Free. I've used it before.
    Neg points : C# (not really my language of choice), horrible api for beginners, 'fiddly' (for me). Difficult to find answers on the forum.
  • Away3D
    Actionscript3. Free. Can handle all formats.
    Neg points : I don't think many people are using this ; there is not much information to be found either. It might prove difficult to find answers to questions.
  • Panda3D
    This seemed like a good option. Well documented. Active community.
    Unfortunately, the scripting language is Python (which I like even less than C# ...). Also, there is currently no support for mobile.
  • Irrlicht
    Also a possibility. It supports many languages (Java, Python, Lua, C++). Free.
    Only neg point : does not support mobile (yet).
  • jMonkeyEngine
    Should be a good choice for me, since it is a Java-based engine created on top of NetBeans.
    It seems the community is currently very active. JMonkeyEngine v3.0 has just come out, & and it seems the entire website has been redesigned as well.
  • Ogre3D
    Seems interesting. Active community. Free. Many tutorials.
    Neg points : C++. I don't think my C++ knowledge is good enough at this point.
  • LibGDX
    Seems very interesting. Supports all platforms, Free. Java. Good documentation.
    However, I got the impression it involves fairly low level programming & most people seem to be using this library for 2D games.

So. After agonizing about this for about a week, I have decided that it will probably be quickest to develop my next project with Unity3D. Sigh.
I -SO- know I'm going to regret this.