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"Making a game from scratch."

January 29, 2015 game dev
Game dev blogs on Youtube ...

I'm currently following 3 very interesting (but very different) video game dev blogs on Youtube :

  • "Make A Game With No Experience" - by Tom Francis.
    Tom Francis used to be a writer for PC gamer. Then, one day, he decided he wanted to create his own 2D game. Three years later, 'Gunpoint' was born.
    When he started working on his game, he had no programming experience at all. He used 'Game Maker Studio' for development, and only worked on the game in his spare time.
    So. Tom is definitely qualified to talk about creating games in GMS ... Which he does in his (always entertaining) Youtube video blog.
    I'm actually quite impressed by this game engine. You can accomplish a lot with very little coding!
  • "Handmade Hero." - by Casey Muratori.
    Casey is a software engineer who, among many other things, worked on a game called 'the Witness' (for/with Jonathan Blow). He now has a daily Twitch stream, as well as a Youtube channel, where he demonstrates how to create a 2D game in C/C++, (mostly) without using existing libraries.
    I have only watched the 'intro' videos & a couple of the first 'real development' videos.
    Not easy to follow if you have no C/C++ experience, but : what an eye opener !!!
  • "Java Game Development (LibGDX)" - by dermetfan.
    Since this is (most likely) a pseudonym, I'm not really sure what dermetfan's background is, but he seems very knowledgeable about LibGDX. The pace of his videos is 'just right' & he explains things in a way I can easily understand.
    I have to say that I'm rather charmed by LibGDX.
    It is a lot of code writing, but somehow it reminds me of developing with the FlashPunk AS3 library ...