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January 20, 2016 game dev
Projects ...

Happy 2016 from AHAF !
First and for all : A very happy 2016 !
May you have the courage to listen to your heart, and live a life that will make you happy.

And now : back to business. :-)

I'm currently working on 3 different projects <gulp>. But, since nobody told me to do them, I can't complain much. In fact, I'm mostly happy. I like tinkering with code & stuff ...

Not a closed book ... One thing I'm working on is Finding Fifi.
Yes. I remember telling you it was finished.
In my mind, 'Finding Fifi' has always been a free web game. So, when I started working on it in UE4, I assumed it was not going to be a problem. But alas ...
I did manage to create an html5 project after updating the game engine, but this introduced so many bugs in the game that it was rendered unplayable. To give you some examples : mouseOver hinting doesn't work. This makes the game very, VERY difficult since you no longer know which objects you can interact with. But even worse than that : objects sometimes (randomly) do not show up in the inventory ! This makes the game unfinishable. And that is that. The end.

itch.io stats for 'Finding Fifi'. I have a downloadable version of the game on itch.io, but it is sad to see how very few people discover the game there, and even sadder to see how few people actually give the game a try. So, that's why I'm now working on a FlashPunk version of 'Finding Fifi'. This is going rather slowly (but I will finish it !) because I also have a new game project to work on.

Meet Tommie (pixel art). "So, what's up with that 'new' game project ?', you ask.
Well. The new project is called 'Snake Island'. It is a kid's adventure game. It is tile based, and pixel art !
So excited !!!

And finally, the third project I'm working on : the website !
Yes. I think the website can definitely use some TLC ... So, I'm redesigning it.
I started working on it yesterday. I fully expected the website to be mostly orange and white (as it is now), but, good heavens ! I ended up with blue as the primary color ?!
I'm not sure how I feel about that ... but I will continue with that design (for now) and see how everything turns out.

So. That's all I have to say. Time to get back to work ! :-)

EDIT : Well, after 4 days of work the new website is finished. I hope you like it !