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Time-out : 11 months in.

September 24, 2016 burnout
About breaking down.

Waw. Another week and it’s back to the grind … I can hardly believe it !

Just as I was writing this, I stumbled upon an article by Alexa Erickson on the ‘Collective Evolution’ website. The article is called ‘Go to school, get a job & fit into the system : animated video illustrates the madness of our world.‘

Somehow, this really struck a chord with me :
“… exposes the trouble with having to be on your game all the time.”
“No good life can or should go by without a few quite open incidents of complete breakdown. Moments when we pull up a white flag and declare ourselves simply unable to cope or fulfill any of our normal functions for a time.”

Anyway. Maybe you should go read the full article first, before you read the rest of my post. It is not very long, but it explains my current state of mind perfectly.

Dutch ebooks.

And I am proud of it !


I have in fact been hibernating for most of the past year.
I haven’t gone anywhere. I haven’t done exciting things. I haven’t spoken to people. I haven’t watched tv.

I have just been … quiet.

And it was wonderful.
Taking a full year off and disappearing from the everyday world, was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I was obviously exhaused, but I didn’t realize just HOW exhausted I was.
It has actually taken me most of the year to to get back to some semblance of ‘me’.
Right now, I feel SO much better, SO much happier.

Anyway. Things will need to be different in the future.

I’m an introvert, and if I want to live a happy, healthy life, I will have to start doing things ‘the introvert way’.
That means I can’t go back to the exact same job that I had before my time-out. It is not healthy for me, and I just can’t do it anymore.
I’m hoping to increase my freelance activities, and once things start going well, I maybe won’t even have to deal with working for somebody else anymore …

The future is looking bright !