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November 24, 2016 game dev
How do you test point&click game code ?

I wonder if there is a way to 'automate' testing for point&click games ...

Or rather, I wonder if there is some sort of consensus on the best procedure for testing games of this type. As in 'minimize the number of undetected bugs' ...

The reason I'm asking is because of what just happened to me today :

Bugs ! "Pick up key > Pick up book1 > Pick up book2 > Look at detail view of book1 > Click book1 > Close detail view of book1 > Look at detail view of book2 > Click book2 > Select key in inventory > Click book2 in detail view with key selected ...
>>> CRASH !!!"

No other combination of these events would result in a crash.
So I ask you : what are the odds of me finding a bug like that ??? And how can I be sure that was the only one of its kind ?

So, if anyone has any 'system' for testing point&click games ... I would be very interested in hearing all about it !