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What were these programmers thinking !?

January 7, 2017 geek
A rant about shoddy programming.

This is a rant about software.

Or maybe not so much a rant, but more of a list of ‘they have to be kidding !’ moments.
This is both about software I use at work, and software I came across while at work.
Enjoy !

Pay more. Get less.
Great design choice : Pay more. Get less.

This program doesn’t know how to deal with the year 2017 and reverts to the date of first use :

Current date : Jan 02, 2017.
Current date : Jan 02, 2017.

Empty page with button :

Please click button to see content.
Please click button to see content.

Being proactive : let’s add some bullets …

Bullets for The Future.
… in case we need some later.

This search form is ‘out of date’ and wants me to copy my search terms into the (non-existent) form below. After that it wants me to refresh the page. (Yes, utter nonsense.)

Huhhh ???
Huhhh ???

And Please. Please ! Don’t make it snow on web pages !