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May 17, 2017 working life
A rant about Certimed.

Even when you’re on sick leave, your time is not your own.

Yesterday evening, on my way to bed, I decided to check my mailbox. I don’t know why, because the mail usually arrives around 9 am …
Anyway. I opened the door, and found a flimsy piece of paper. It had the words ‘CERTIMED’ on it. Immediately, my heart started racing. The paper said an ‘independent doctor’ (= chosen by my company) had been at my house. Since I wasn’t there, I was expected to present myself at some address at 11 am the next day. When I turned the paper over to read the small print, it said that failing to show up at the appointment would cease all company payments.


How can they put a paper like that in my mailbox and expect me to find it in time ? I do not check my mailbox every day, you know. Why would I ? And why should I be expected to check my mailbox at night ?
Are they just trying to get me to lose my benefits ? Or are they just ‘not thinking’ ?

So, with much trepidation, I turned on my computer and started figuring out where I was supposed to go, and more importantly, how I was going to get there. I don’t have a car, you see. And public transportation in Belgium is … well, not great.

An hour and a half later, I switched my computer back off.
It would take me 2 hours to get there. That is, 25 minutes to get to bus stop 2, a 50 minute wait, and then another 30 minutes to get to bus stop 3, followed by a 10 minute walk.


Anyway. I spent 50 minutes in the doctor’s waiting room, and then, all of 5 minutes in his office. Of those 5 minutes, he used 3 minutes to do paperwork. He didn’t ask my name, he didn’t ask me how I was doing. He only asked me where I was working (the info was on the paper I had just handed him), and asked me how long I was going to be home (also on the paper). He then handed me another piece of paper, and I was shown the way out.

I got home around 2 pm.

So. All in all, a day well spent. :-(