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Letters to Luke - July 2017.

July 26, 2017 LTL, musings
Greens, cats, and clouds.


I can’t say I’m enjoying this whole ‘burnout thing’ very much …

I have all these exciting ideas tumbling around in my head, and I can feel the adrenaline buzzing in my body whenever I think about them (usually in bed).

But not even five minutes after I’ve started one of my projects, I get a bad headache, my muscles start hurting, and I feel utterly exhausted. I just can’t get anything done.


Hi there !

Mietje, posing nicely for once.

A face in the woods …

Mushroom Face.
Mushroom Face.

My little devil.

Stanley Jackson.
Stanley Jackson, exhausted from running and playing in the garden.

Shapes in Green.

A walk in the woods.

Look who came to visit !

Professors McGonnagal & Snape (Funko).
Professor McGonnagal & Professor Snape (Funko).

First one this year.


Angry Clouds.

Angry Clouds. Angry Clouds.

Studies in Pink & Purple.

Study in Pink. Study in Pink & Purple.