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Psychology 101.

August 1, 2017 autism
First assessment (autism diagnosis).

Since it is customary to visit a psychologist when you receive the diagnosis ‘burnout’, I wasn’t too surprised when my doctor suggested ‘I go see someone to talk to’.

I told her that was ok by me, as long as it was someone that also knew something about Asperger, because I had some things I wanted to ask. And could she perhaps recommend someone to me ?

I had an appointment for about a week later.
That week felt like an eternity.
I was both excited and scared.
Terrified of making a fool of myself by asking whether I might have Asperger.

I was greeted at the door by a friendly, but -very- young-looking woman.
Our ‘conversation’ lasted for an hour. She asked me questions about my life now, my youth, what problems I had been having, and why I thought I might have ASD (‘ASS’ in Dutch. Really.). She then gave me some very general information about autism (I think she may have been reading this from her computer screen).

When I finally asked her whether she thought I might have ASD, she laughed and said she didn’t think so because :

  • 'autism is a very rare disease, and if it happens, it usually happens in boys'
  • 'I make eye contact during a conversation'
  • 'I don’t speak in a monotonous voice'
  • 'I use gestures'

'At the most', she said, 'I might have some social anxiety or such …'

Just like I thought : fresh out of school, and no idea of what the real world is like.

I hate it when a ‘professional’ seems to know even less about the topic than I do.
It takes only a couple of hours to read some blogs on the internet to see how -officially diagnosed- women describe themselves and their problems in life …
To get some perspective …

It is not that I want to be diagnosed with ASD per se.
But I want to hear a diagnosis from someone knowledgable !

Anyway, 50 euros poorer and still none the wiser.