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Gawd !!!

September 6, 2017 working life
A rant about trust issues.

Gawd !!!

This is just … I’m about to explode !!!

I just (Wednesday, 6pm) found another one of those sloppily folded flimsy pieces of paper at the bottom of my mailbox. It reads ; “I, Dr X Y, independent physician, called upon by company Z to check if you really are unfit for work at the present time, failed to find you at your house on Monday, at 6.30pm. Please report to Some-Unreachable-Place-In-The-Middle-Of-Nowhere on Tuesday, between the hours of 11 and 12am.“ And on the backside, in tiny lettering : “Failure to do so will cease all company payments.“

What the heck ! My company isn’t even paying me right now !!!
Hell. Nobody is paying me right now ! Not even my Health Insurance Company !

So far, I’ve had two of these ‘requests from independent physicians’ from work, one from my Health Insurance Company (just a week ago), and a monthly checkup with my regular doctor. Plus the sessions with the psychologists, and an appointment with a psychiatrist just 2 weeks away from now.

I wonder why I still feel stressed and worn out after four 'leisurely' months at home ?!

Arrrgh !