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Letters to Luke - September 2017.

September 10, 2017 LTL, musings
Unexpected joy, with a touch of water.


I just love fall.

With its gusts of wind, and rain, and beautiful clouds …


Unexpected fireworks …

Sometimes I really like living in my city.

Unexpected fireworks ; study in shades of white. Unexpected fireworks : apotheosis.

Easter bunny.

Easter Bunny.

I swear his eyes are following me across the room …

Waterworks continued.

This is the original isolation material.

Old isolation material.

And this is what it looks like underneath …
Horribly sticky stuff with the consistency of soft chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your shoes …


A couple of days later :

All cleaned up.

I’m glad I used transparent silicone, even though the result is a bit ugly (I made SUCH a mess). Fingers crossed there’s no more leakage now for at least a couple of years …


I just found a puddle of water on the cabinet in the living room.

The shower must be leaking.




Stanley Jackson.

And yes. That’s his duster.

Tableau with Cat and Duster.
Tableau with Cat and Duster.


I can’t help but wonder if someone’s been playing God …

Geoengineering ?
Source : Bloomberg @business tweet.

Prima ballerina.

Such elegance.

Such confidence.

This movie was posted on Twitter by @zogu8011.

Duet in A minor.

I now have a new neighbor on the other side of the house as well.

And guess what.
She also owns a big dog that doesn’t like to be left alone at home …

Awoooooh ...