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Family talk.

September 13, 2017 autism
About telling my family about the ASD diagnosis ...

Right after I was diagnosed with ASD, I really wanted to tell someone. So I jumped on my bike and cycled to my parents’ house, about 4 km from where I live.

Of course.
Nobody home.


I ended up waiting three more weeks before I finally mentioned it during a phone call with my mom ...

me : ‘Mom, I had myself tested last month. The psychologist says I have autism.’
mom : ‘… So, what are you going to do about it ? Do you have to take some vitamins now ?’
me [laughing] : ‘Mom, that’s not how it works !’
mom : ‘Yes. But what are you going to do about it ? Your nephew goes someplace every week, to work on it, you know ?’
me : ‘No, mom. I’m not going to work on it. Little Nephew has therapy sessions for his ADHD, not for his autism.’
mom : ‘Yes. Whatever. Listen, I need to go now. Talk to you later.’

After our ‘conversation’ mom probably told dad. She later admitted to also tell my sister (I don’t mind), who would have told her boyfriend. I’m not sure if my brother knows (he has the little boy with autism/ADHD).

So now that the ‘dirty secret’ is out, I’m sure we’ll never talk about it again.
Nobody is curious.
Nobody wants to ask questions.

Hushhhhhh !
That’s just how we do things in our family.