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What's the point ?

February 03, 2018 burnout

I find myself asking these questions over and over again : "What is the purpose of my life ? What am I supposed to do while I'm here on earth ?"

And sadly, the answer has been rather elusive.

I often feel as if I'm wasting valuable time, as if I'm floundering around.
Trying a bit of this, trying a bit of that ... But in the end, nothing satisfies this craving deep inside of me.

Looking around, it seems that most people never ask themselves these questions. They are just happy to live, work, worry, pay taxes, and die.
To them, that's all there is, and that's all they need.

Other people do seem to know their purpose here on earth. It is what they do.

Just listen to interviews with actors, athletes, 'experts', artists, ...
These people believe. They believe in themselves, and they believe in what they do.

All I see, are people playing 'pretend'. People playing children's games.
To me, it all seems random, inconsequential.
Surely, there must be more to life than this ?

I wonder how our perception of the same thing can be so different ?

How I wish I could find something to believe in. Just like them.