Three point five cats.

And ... another idiot doctor.

March 30, 2018 autism, burnout
Not good for my mood ...

It's amazing how fast your opinion of someone can change completely.

Tonight, I had another appointment with my doctor.
I spent about forty minutes in her office, and of those forty minutes she actually spent five minutes on me. The rest of the time, she was talking on the phone to other patients and her colleague, and doing computer-related stuff.
I then spent twenty more minutes waiting in the hallway before I could pay for my visit, and return home.

Tonight, my dear doctor told me that she thought that a ten month timeout was too much for an autism-induced burnout/depression, and that she was uncomfortable giving me more time. (Read : she was afraid I was going to mess up her beautiful stats. There's a bit of a witch hunt in Belgium now, for doctors that give their patients extended sick leave ...) She told me she was going to contact the physician appointed to me by my workplace (and tell him god knows what).
She then continued to say that she thought I was still capable of doing some other type of job, and that I was going to feel much better once I was back at work, surrounded by other people.


What the hell.

My heart was pounding in my throat, and my blood vessels were about to pop.

I couldn't reply, and just left.

How can you be so stupid ? How can you think that all people are the same, and just like you ?

Do you think this is my 'Master Plan' for my life ?
To sit at home, twiddle my thumbs, too damned tired to do anything ?
Do you think I enjoy the realization that my brain isn't working like it used to ?

Do you think I have no dreams, no ambitions ?

This is so stupid.