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Letters to Luke - March 2018.

March 31, 2018 LTL, musings
Musings, hot beverages, and snow.


Empty cup.
Empty cup.

My Little Pony Girl.

Princess Celestia, by Groovebird (deviantart.com).

I was watching one of these makeover shows on tv the other day, and in walked this beautiful 'My Little Pony Girl'. She was sparkly and colorful and completely unique.

When she walked back out, she had been turned into some sort of a vamp : white hair, red dress and stilettos. There was nothing left of the original girl.


Foreign languages in Belgium.


Buying fries can be fun.



Star Wars movie poster.

I just started listening to a lecture from the Gresham College, with the title 'Grasping shadows : the dark side in painting.'

And about four minutes into the talk the lecturer says ... 'We see the shadow of the young Anakin Skywalker, but the shadow is that of Darth Vader, the dark person that SHE is about to become.'

There's no reaction from the audience ... so I don't think they have seen the movies either. =)



Feeling decadent.

Babble Box.

TV is becoming increasingly useless. Its only purpose nowadays is to deliver ads.

Even a short show such as 'the Big Bang Theory' (22 min) is cut up with ads.

And it's not as if the ads are entertaining or actually meaningful.

For instance, a beer has temporarily renamed itself to 'Belgium', and in the commercial they have people shout : 'We are Belgium !'
What does that even mean ???

Or the commercial in which an enormous, white car is pitched against a tiny, black ram ...
What message is that supposed to convey ?
"If you're a bully, buy our car" ???

I just don't get it.
But maybe other people do, and I'm just getting old.

On top of the world.

On top of the world.

New favorite hangout of Stanley. #attic

No, no, nooo !

There are so many bad professional websites around these days, and they annoy me terribly. It's as if creators and owners no longer care ...

These are just from the last half hour :

  • I'm looking for a rectangular table ('rechthoek' filter on the left).
    The first result that comes up is a round table. A square table.
  • This website has a clickable list of subcategories for 'furniture'. Except none of the buttons actually go anywhere ... Clickable, non-functional buttons.


Not his best side ...

What is it with cats and photographs ???
I swear he was still sleeping when I pressed the button ...

Wrong side.


Pondering life.
Pondering life.

Xmas 2.

Feeling like Xmas again ...