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Surprise ?

April 08, 2018 geek
A crafty thing with wool.

Last month, I started another project to try and get my befuddled brain to work again like it used to.
- I was going to knit me some socks. -

Yes. Go ahead and laugh. I'll wait.

It all started when I stumbled upon a website called Ontrafeld, and a post called 'Knitting socks (for beginners)'.

The bright colors of the wool and the complicated shapes formed by the five (gulp) knitting needles ... Impossible to resist.

Time to order needles and some cheap wool !

Kitten approves.

Disclaimer : I feel like I should point out that I've never attempted anything like this before.
So, it's a total surprise to me what I'll actually end up crafting ...
Read on if you're curious too. =)

First attempt ...
It's something round alright ... But one stich has already managed to escape !


Many hours and many attempts later ...
How is this ever going to turn into a sock ???

Big hole ...

Help ! Now I seem to be using too many needles !

Help !
Needles wanted !

And whatever you do, do not make mistakes in the next part !
(I did. It's not fun.)

Something crooked.

I can't believe it. I think I'm actually done !

Pointy thingy.

Ok. Deep breath.
What did I actually end up crafting ???

Waw ! Real socks !!!