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Letters to Luke - May 2018.

May 31, 2018 LTL, musings
A hot summer, kitties, and a table.


Stanley in the flowers.
How can you not love this little guy ?


Too hot.
It was that kind of weather ...

Happy stars.

I slept in a room like this last night.

Red stars.
Happy stars.

Too bad you can't see the stars with your eyes closed ... =)

batten down the hatches !

Storm brewing.
There's a storm brewing.

Nature ...

Fern in the sun.
... can be so beautiful.

No comment.


What are we doing to our sky ???

Unnatural clouds. Unnatural clouds. Unnatural clouds.

It just cannot be healthy for us ...


Almost put this little fellow into the washing machine. Again.

Fox pin.
Thank you, Kate !

My giant fig tree.

Fig tree.
Third year in the garden ...

Not a good place to be a butterfly.

Sadly, a great number of butterflies have already died in the garden this year.

Chasing butterflies.
Chasing butterflies.

It's all relative ...

I finally bought a 'proper' kitchen table a couple of weeks ago. Today, they finally came to deliver it.

In the store, I had made sure to ask if the table would need to be assembled or not.
"Oh ", they said, "don't worry about it. You'll only need to put the legs on. Anyone can do it."

My kitchen table.
My kitchen table.

Disconcerting spam.

Am I really that old ???