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Letters to Luke - January 2019.

January 31, 2019 LTL, musings
Music and snow. Mystical trees. Blood moons, and new beginnings.

Maurice Ravel.

Maurice Ravel, 1912. (source : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Maurice_Ravel_au_piano_1912.jpg)

Listening to the Adagio from his 'Piano Concerto in G major' at 4 in the morning ... Heaven.

Des pas sur la neige.

Footprints in the snow.

Winter Wonderland !

Snow !

Blood Moon - the hype.

Ice on the window.

6:11 am, from my attic window.

Bit cold today.

Blood Moon.

Big Billy.

Source : Tweet by @atorwulfu.

Maria Cave trees : before and after.

Removing trees. Result.

The News.

January 2019 - 'Skip School for Climate' : Kids are skipping school 1 day a week to march in Brussels.
Interviewer : 'So, we heard that you're still flying during the holidays ...'
Organizer : ' Yes, of course. But we always pay for our Carbon Footprint.'
Interviewer : 'So, what is this protest all about then ?'
Organizer : 'We're here to demand the government "do something about the climate" !'

Logo FlyGreen - Carbon Footprint Calculator.
FlyGreen - Carbon Footprint Calculator
(just an example ; there are many websites like this)

For those interested, and as an example : Brussels - Rome (return)
A distance of 1187 km generates 0.19 tonnes of CO2 per person. That is equivalent to 269 laundry washes, 92 showers, or 98 days of watching tv.
A clean conscience is available for just 1.62 euro, payable to 'Solar Panel Project India'.

Cat. Desiccated cat.

Cat. Desiccated Cat.

Daily sacrifice (since Christmas eve).


New Project for sis.

New 1930s crochet project.

The News.

December 2018 : 'Oh no ... We only have one functional nuclear reactor left ! Although ... We'll probably be ok. We could always ask the neighbors if they can spare us some electricity (yes, that might increase the price a bit) ...'

January 2019 - Auto Salon (#BrusselsMotorShow) : 'We, the Government, feel that people should buy more electrical cars. We are going to make a special effort to make that happen.'

Belgian nuclear plants, 2018-2019.
Belgian nuclear plants, 2018-2019 (source : Nucleair Forum)

Good Company.


Eyes in the sky.

Looking down on us.

Autistic brain.


It's a clue.

I really should learn to be more specific when I leave myself a note.
On the bright side, today is Tuesday ...

Note to self.


A request from my sister.
I'm utterly bewildered I actually managed to create a real (wearable) hat.

1930's knitting project.

Just trees at 3pm.

Gloomy days with trees.

Prayer to the Skies.

Dancing trees.

The Guardians.

Trees standing tall.

Dreaming Flower Dreams.

Sleeping flowers.

The Witness Tree.

Can you see it too ?

Witness Island Tree.

I. Love. Clouds.

Beautiful clouds.

Five past Twelve.

Happy New Year !
(Looking through my bedroom window - Nobody's there ...)

Happy NY !