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Letters to Luke - February 2019.

February 28, 2019 LTL, musings
Slow month.

A hairy snail.

A hairy snail.

Lost and Found.

Golden snitch.
Golden Snitch.

God Rays.

God Rays.
Plant food.

Appel sauce.

Appelsauce, detergent, and cigarettes.

Some streets just have a smell about them.

No matter the time of day, no matter the season. They always smell of appel sauce, detergent, and cigarettes.

Color chromatography.

Color chromatography.

Must be global warming.

9 am - 14 degrees C.
Early morning temperature.

On this exact day, 49 years ago, my little corner of the world was covered in half a meter of snow ...

Happy Cat.


'The Swarm' ... anyone ?

Tweeted by @StrangeAnimals.

PS - Check out Frank Sch├Ątzing ...

Something important.

Whilst walking to the supermarket today, I discovered something rather important about myself.

I noticed that when I'm looking to the right, I'm walking slightly towards the left. And when I'm looking to the left, I'm walking slightly to the right.

This revelation might save my life one day. You know. When I'm lost in the desert.

Circles in the sand.

Lightening the mood.

Colored lights.