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The best-laid plans of mice and men ...

June 05, 2019 geek
... and me.

I had planned to write another update on my game SeaRose today, but instead, I found myself working on a new logo for the website.
Blame my sister.

A couple of days ago, she told me she had googled 'Finding Fifi' and "My god, you're famous ! It's all over the internet !"

She is not a computer person.

But somehow, it got me curious enough to search for 'Finding Fifi' myself. It's amazing how this little game has spread (without my consent) to so many different game aggregator websites.

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I'm not sure wheter to shake my head and smile, or cry.
Anyway. I did some selective reading and collected a handful of snippets. Here they are for your (well, ok, 'my') enjoyment :

This game sucks (one star rating) !

Even though these are old comments, they still make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And that's what we're doing it for. =) Making a game and putting it online ... and have the right kind of people find it and like it ... It's the best feeling !

Closing down the 'And Half A Fish Games' website was difficult. It felt like breaking my connection to the Golden Days of the Web (the Flash era) and my own past. The new (combined) site had somehow lost the 'right' feeling.

So. Yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me : I need a new logo !
And there you have it :

3.5Cats + AndHalfAFish.

Mmm ... it might need some more tweaking, but this logo definitely feels 'better' to me.
I'll probably start using the AHAF Twitter account again as well, for game dev stuff.
(Feeling all excited now.)

Edit : And there we go. Another sleepless night.
Why, brain ? WHY ???