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June 19, 2019 home life, autism
Climbing a mountain, and train of thought.

I had been glaring at the box on the kitchen table (a present) for 4 days.

But today, I'm finally going to do it ! Unpack the thing and give it a place ... right there, on the yellow cabinet !

Yellow cabinet.
Yellow Cabinet (after cleaning up).

Oh, but there's already so much stuff on the cabinet : the coffee maker, the kettle, tea bags, coffee, a mug ... I really should clean this up first. Maybe put all of that in the left drawer (The right one is for the cats. No, not 'the cats' ! The dishes and the food !).

Hmmm. The left drawer is already really full.
Let's see ... What's in here ?
... Some candy that I bought ... in 2014 ?! ... Rice crackers ... also too old to eat. ... Some dark chocolat ... 2016.
Note : that seems to be a recurrent theme. I buy something. Put it in a logical place but where I can't see it, and promptly forget all about it. =(

Anyway. My initial problem is solved. Let's clean out the drawer and put that other stuff in there.
Oh. Wait ! I bet I still have some cofee and tea in the white cupboard. Let's check.
Yup. Ok, let's move that into the drawer as well.
Neat !

Oh. Look here. A bag of nuts. Also out of date (by many years). And some flour ...
I really should clean out this cupboard as well ...

An hour later ... Right. What was I doing ? Oh, the yellow cabinet ...
Looks inside the water kettle ... hmmm ... this one probably should be decalcified, now that I think about it.

Another hour later (because multi-tasking = bad) ...
Right. The box on the table. Glare.
Let's just open it and read the instructions. Ok. Hmmm ... it says here the cannisters should always be kept in a cool place ...

Rats. The yellow cabinet is just about the warmest spot in the entire kitchen !
Ok. Let's put the thing there then, on that empty space next to the fridge.

Next to the fridge.
Next to the fridge.