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Letters to Luke - December 2019.

December 31, 2019 LTL, musings
December ... my favorite month of the year !

Red leaves with a dash of sunshine.

Red leaves.

Vibrant Weeds.


Dreamy Reflections.

Reflections in the water.

Grasses carefully arranged by the wind.


Church halo.

Church halo.

Stanley snuggling in a red blanket.


GameDev Mug : early Christmas present for myself.


Frosty Flowers.

Ice on window.

Faces and the things they eat.

Statue on the wall.

Church : light and shadow.

People in front of a church.

Dying in the sunshine.

Plants in the sunshine.

Sunshine breaking down ...

Streaks of sunlight.


Tree in front of church.

Bittersweet Memories.


New Ornaments.

Bear ornament. Lion ornament.

Sad Christmas Bear in Mall.

Sad bear.

Computer Cats.

Good company.

Smart kitty knows where birdies really live ...

Smart kitty.

Fries. Fries everywhere !

Christmas decoration on the street.

- The End. -