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Letters to Luke - January 2020.

January 31, 2020 LTL, musings
The Future is Here !!!

Last glance.

Christmas tree.

A sad moment. My favorite time of the year is now officially over ...

Do snails have wings ?

Snail found food near second floor window ...

How did that snail figure out there was some cat food on the second floor window sill ? And how did it get there so quickly ? #snail_superpowers


Wavy clouds.

I've never seen clouds quite like these ...
Nature is amazing.

Beautiful rainbow.


Danger, Will Robinson ...

Red sky.

In movies, this would be a sign that something bad is about to happen ...

In or out ?

Black cat inside cat house. Or not.

Black cats can be so inconvenient ... #I_love_my_black_cat

Too heavy to fly.


Monster spider.

Spider on the ceiing.

This -HUGE- spider is way too close to my seat on the couch !
(I hope it's not a jumper !) #scary_spiders

Hungry mouse.

Computer mouse.

Twelve batteries each year ! Plus all the usb power from my laptop ! =/
A good thing it's red, or I would have chucked it out a long time ago.

Sparks in the sky.


Goodnight to all ...