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Letters to Luke - March 2020.

March 31, 2020 LTL, musings
Life is strange ...

Salamander tail.

Grape vine.

Stanley's tail.

Stanley waving his tail.

In the garden

Bamboo bush and blue sky.

Hungry beast.

Tasty garden plant.

Everywhere you look ...


Better times ahead.

Neighbor's tree : white flowers under a blue sky.

Frozen roof tiles.

Roof tiles.

Sunbathing in privacy.


Mossy wall.

Moss an a garden wall.

Seems appropriate, somehow ...

Red traffic cone with yellow flowers.

Lockdown : Day 1.

Sky full of plane trails.

A message ?

Dog poo in front of my house.

Strange times ...

Empty playground in Corona Times ...

Willow branches.


Really ?

Puzzle point&click game : inventory after 10 hours of playing.

I've been playing Rhem 1 SE (a puzzle point&click game from 2002) again. I never got anywhere before, but this time it's going to be different. I can just feel it !
(Screenshot of my inventory after (only) 10 hours of running around and feeling lost.)
PS - I love this game !