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Letters to Luke - April 2020.

April 30, 2020 LTL, musings
In the middle of a lockdown.

Green waves.


Watching strawberries grow.

Stanley guarding the strawberry bushes. Strawberries.

At the bakery

People queuing outside the bakery are now standing 4 meters apart ...

Minor annoyancies.

Broken fridge.

As usual, my timing is impeccable. It broke down just a week after the start of the lockdown.

Sun worship.

Stanley pretending to be a flower.

Stick Man.

Berry machine.

A fragrant cloud of purple.

Purple flowers.


Artuur - In memoriam.

Dancing stick man.

Tiny figues.

"2312" - Kim Stanley Robinson.

Quote from book.

Silvery bones.

Branches of berry bush.

Lonely daisy.

One daisy in the grass.

Seems appropriate somehow.

Uncle Vernon : "I love Sundays. Do you know why I love Sundays ?"
Harry : "Because on Sundays there's no mail."

"How to Read a Book." - Mortimer J. Adler.

Quote about getting better at something.

Reminds me of game development and how very tired it often makes me feel.
I must not be doing it right ... =)

Black panther on the hunt.

Stanley among the flowers.


Secluded spot in the garden.

Taking cover.

Stanley under a bench.


Red tulip.



Yellow berries ... Soon.

Flowers on yellow berry bush.


Rain cloud.

"A Wizard of Earthsea" - Ursula K. Le Guin.

Quote about evil.

A snail's day out.

These are -some- of the pictures I took (in less than an hour) in my garden and on the way to the store.
Snails everywhere I looked ... In the grass, the bushes ... On the pavement, the benches ...
What was going on in snail society that day ?

Snail in grass. Snail in grass.
To boldly go ...
Snail on pavement.
Family outing. Snail in grass.
Why did the snails cross the road ?
Snail in grass.

They're actually quite beautiful, these Creatures ...