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November 8, 2020 a 'new world'
The Great Reset.

Early April, my aunt (89 years old, still lives by herself) was taken into hospital.
With only a cursory examination, the doctor said : "It's probably Covid. Do you want us to just give her something ?" (euthanasia)

I often wonder how many family members took the offer ?
(My aunt returned home 10 days later.)

And I wonder how many people died in 'care' homes, where they were given sedatives and were being kept locked up in their rooms for many months. Where they spent hot summer days behind locked windows and were being denied the use of a ventilator 'because it might spread infection'.

I wonder what future generations will think of us. Of the people that used a fake pandemic to usher in a New Society and a New Economic System ?

I, for one, feel utterly disgusted.