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Letters to Luke - December 2020.

December 31, 2020 cats, home life, nature
And what a mad year this has been ...

The Washington Post on Twitter (Dec 2).

The Washington Post.

Our benevolent rulers have decreed that 'we, the people' can have 1 guest over for Christmas, this year.
Unless we celebrate in the garden. In that case, we can have 2 guests.
But only if we live in a vila (since guests are not allowed to walk through our house).
Even then, only 1 guest is allowed to use our bathroom. The other guest can : 1) use the bushes, or, 2) return home.

The original article can be found through the WayBack Machine.

Even nature is confused in 2020 ...

Garden strawberries in December.
Garden strawberries in December.

Heart of Gold.

Garden flower.

Black panther on the hunt.

Stanley resting on a layer of pillows.

The title is a remnant from a previous post. I decided to keep it. It's 2020 after all ... =)

Still life.

The shed.

Green hedgehog.


The sun.

Strawberry field in the sunshine.

The sunshine is doing some funny things with my camera ...

Cat on a Table.

Stanley sitting on a table.

Why does this picture remind me of "The Master and Margarita" ?

'The master and Margarita.' - book

Holiday spirit.

Holiday spirit.

This year, I'm not working on my game during the Christmas holidays. Instead, I'm giving some much needed love to my website ... =)

Golden Leaf.

A golden leaf.

Sorry. You're dead.


The end of a great time ...

About preservation ...

Tweet by @OldWomanTheSea.

Link to the article.

The kiss.

Stanley, drinking water from
					 the roof.

Three days in a row.


Let's Play !

Screenshot from Rhem4 by Knut Mueller.
A puzzling scene (I know. It's a bad pun.)

Enjoying Rhem4 this month (by Knut Mueller). Still just as stuck as I was many years ago ... =)


'The answer' - David Icke.

Almost done with David's latest book ...


I pricked my finger.

I hate sewing.

Age of Aquarius and the Christmas Star.

Posted on Twitter by @1AUAUSUNITED.
Posted on Twitter by @1AUAUSUNITED :
"Uluru Australia- Now. (Dec 21)"
CosmoSapiens - YouTube.
Screenshot from Youtube video stream by CosmoSapiens :
"Jupiter and Saturnus : the 'Christmas Star'."

"2001 : A Space Odyssey" - Or : life imitating art.

Posted on Twitter by @SpectrumNews (Dec 14).

The mystery of the monoliths has finally been solved !

(Unfortunately, I can't find this back on Twitter to credit the maker ...)

One Cat and His Shadow.

Stanley and his shadow.

How can this shadow be made by that cat ???


Garden moss.

It's winter. The garden is teeming with life.
Be filled with hope. Be filled with happiness.
Life -always- finds a way.

Moon over the pyramid ...

Moon over a rooftop.

A rather sinister morning view.

Morning view picture.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.