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Letters to Luke - June 2021.

June 30, 2021 cats, home life, nature
A new start. (I apologize for all the kitten pics.)

Sleepy kitten.

After Stanley passed away (he was still very young), I decided I couldn't do another cat.
Then, someone asked me if I wanted to take care of an orphan kitten 'for just a short while' ... Sigh ...

After the rain.

Daisies in the garden.


Overgrown garden.

Danger from the sky ...


Sssttt ...

Censorship YT.
Corona Ausschuss - Ausweichkanal.

Heart force.



Impossibly cute (nameless) kitten.

Purple bird (wrath).


Blue flowers.

Blue White

I did thiz !

Sharp teeth vs my eReader.


Kitten finished eating.

I'm still trying to find a name for this kitten ... The name 'Piglet' is starting to grow on me ... =)

Sleepy time.

Sleeping kitten.

Good food. Bad food.

Vine and foxglove.
Vine and foxglove.

I sitz.

Kitten on a plant.

Helping hands.

Green, leafy plant.

Ufo clouds.

Ufo clouds.

I eatz.

Kitten eating.

I sleepz.

Kitten hiding under sweater.

More !

Kitten needs more food.

practice makes perfect.

Short legs.

Good boy.

Kitten stuck between 2 pillows.
Stuck between a pillow and a blanket.

Lost & found.

Kitten in the garden (1). Kitten in the garden (2).
The white dot is his chin ...


Kitten with lavender.


Kitten sleeping.

Upside down kitten.

Kitten sleeping upside down.

The plant.

Good night.

Sleeping kitty.