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Letters to Luke - December 2022.

December 31, 2022 cats, home life, nature


Winter is my favorite season.
There's something ... magical ... about the colors, the light, the slowing down of life, ...

Beautiful light.

Although, this year, it seems like the trees have held on to their leaves longer than usual.
Or maybe I just forgot, and they did the same thing last year ?

Light & leaves. Fallen leaves.

I also noticed quite a few trees losing their leaves in a top-down pattern. Another thing I can't recall seeing last year ...

Trees losing their leaves.


This year, I'm not going to do much in the week between Christmas & New Year (work-wise).

I've started rereading the "Wheel of Time" series (by Robert Jordan).
There are 14 books, of which the last 3 have been written/finalized by Brandon Sanderson. Wikipedia tells me they add up to the nice total of 11,898 pages. =)

'Wheel of Time' - Robert Jordan.

I'm actually really enjoying the books, more so than the first time, about 10 years ago. The story and the concepts seem ... relevant ... somehow.

I've also been listening to my favorite opera ("Parsifal" by Wagner).
I can't help but marvel at how one person created this masterpiece out of ... nothing. Sometimes, we, as a species, can be quite amazing.

'Parsifal' - Wagner.


I bought a new Christmas mug. It makes me feel happy. =)

Christmas mug with Rudolph.


It's been pretty cold for about a week. No snow, but the garden looked beautiful. My fig tree seemed particularly happy ...

Frozen grass. Fig tree with smiley face.


I noticed a strange looking cloud, the other day. Completely flat.

Flat cloud.

Empty coffee cup.

Is the universe trying to tell me something ?

Empty coffee cup.

YumYum & the tree.

No breakable ornaments in the tree, this year.
It seems like the sensible thing to do ... =)

Happy holidays !