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"The Witness" by J.Blow (cont.).

February 09, 2018 game review, point&click, puzzle
Castle area.

- SPOILER ALERT : screenshots ! -

Map - day 2.
Map : Castle exit, locked door, tower garden, and clue area.

Today, I managed to escape from the Castle ; the exit is where the entrance to Hotel Sunrise is. Only now, you have to solve four puzzles to gain access to the final puzzle that opens the gate.
You may have noticed that one of the puzzles actually has two mutually exclusive solutions. Be sure to activate the cable that disappears over the back wall of the Castle before you walk through the gate, or else you won't be able to walk around the outside of the Castle.

A puzzle with 2 solutions. Castle exit.
Castle : exit.

If you walk around the castle, you'll see a locked door (the same one that we could see from inside Hotel Sunrise). You can open this door with the clues you get from some panels a bit further down, in the woods.

A locked door.
A locked door.
Clues : hexagons and circles.
Clues : hexagons and circles ; collect them all !
Clues : black and white squares.
Clues : black and white squares ; keep separate !
Open door. Clue : hexagons.
Behind the unlocked door : a reward.
A matter of perspective ...
A matter of perspective ... Huge tree, or small branch ?

If you continue to walk around the Castle, you'll eventually manage to get onto the walls. From there, you can trace some more shapes, and look at the birds.

Tracing the pond.
Tracing the pond.
Tracing the road.
Tracing the road in front of the Castle.
Looking at the birds.
Looking at the birds (there is probably a better view somewhere).

Back on the ground level, we can walk around the Castle. In a secret garden in an old tower, we find another clue, and a sound device with a quote from A.Einstein about 'the Community of True Searchers'. =)

Clue : orange triangle.
Clue : orange triangle ; one-side touch only !

Tomorrow we'll explore another region of the island.
See you then !