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"Stargazing : Genesis" - Strongshell Software.

June 16, 2022 game review, point&click, puzzle
2d puzzle point&click game (2022).

'Stargazing : Genesis' - Strongshell Software
"Stargazing : Genesis" - Strongshell Software (2022)

Note : Please take these game reviews with a good chunk of salt. They are about my personal experience with a game ; yours might be very different.
Also, I have a professional interest in figuring out what works in a game and what doesn't. I know from experience how hard they are to make !

I can't say I loved this game, but it's also not a bad game.
The art style as well as the story are reminiscent of the Rusty Lake games.

Start of the game.
Start of the game.
The lab.
The lab.
The machine.

The puzzles are a bit of a mixed bag : some enjoyable, some a bit too cryptic (especially towards the end of the game), and some just not really that much fun.

Just one of the many puzzles in the game.
A puzzle that I liked, but needed a hint for
to understand what I was supposed to accomplish.

The 'hint' system in this game is a bit of a misnomer as it often just gives you the solution to the puzzle.
Another (minor) annoyance was the placement of the hotspot/arrow to zoom out in the top left corner of the screen ; it's just not a place the mouse naturally wants to move to ...
I was also not a fan of how the game ended, but again : that's just me.

In summary : "Stargazing : Genesis" is a 2d point&click game with an interesting background story. The puzzles are mostly logic-based, but I suspect most players will need a hint here and there. All in all, not a bad game.

The team : the company website states that the studio was founded in 2021, and that there are 3 developers. According to their FB page, they are a publisher interested in 'delivering new interesting games to mobile phones'.